What have Labour Councillors done for us

What Have Labour Councillors done for Crookes and Crosspool ?

Worked with Local Groups, Supported Community Initiatives, Worked with Council Officers and Sheffield Cabinet Members to Solve Problems, Stood Up for Properly Funded Public Services

The first Labour councillor for the ward, Geoff Smith, was elected in May 2011 and he was joined by Anne Murphy in May 2014. Below are some examples of their activities.
Geoff is standing down but Anne is seeking re-election and along with Labour candidates Craig Gamble-Pugh and Rosemary Telfer she hopes to be able to continue the good work.
Achievements and Activities
 Worked with the Crosspool Forum, the Friends of the Bolehills, and the Crookes & Upper Walkley Tenants and Residents Association and supported their activities
 Initiated the new Crookes Forum which has developed into a successful and active community group.
 Played a major role in initiating and organising the successful Crookes Street Markets
 Made road safety a priority – 
o Helped to bring the long campaign for a crossing on School Road to a successful conclusion
o  Argued successfully for the lower part of Crookes to be one of the initial seven 20mph residential areas in the city.
o Organised a petition for the whole of Manchester Road to be 30mph
 Supported local residents in Crosspool in their successful campaign to get gritting routes reinstated.
 Worked with Amey to solve glitches with the successful Streets Ahead programme to improve the city’s roads, pavements and street lights.
 Persuaded JC Decaux advertising company to replace the fence at the side of the plot of land at the top of Cobden View Road.
 Supported local allotment groups by obtaining funding for security fencing.
 Secured funding to improve paths on the Bolehills
 Worked with local residents to try and find solutions to parking problems:
o Persuaded the Claremont Hospital Director to make parking places available for staff away from local roads
o Persuaded Bond Bryan Architects on Springvale Road to look for alternative parking for staff
o Persuaded the Royal Mail to make extra staff parking places at the delivery depot on Tapton Hill Road 
 Ensured that improvements were made to the end of the academic year ‘red sack’ refuse scheme for students for the summer of 2015 following problems with it in 2014.
 Continually lobbied First to find ways of improving the punctuality of the 51 Bus.
 Ensured that the Council carried out the audit into the Sandygate Road markings four months earlier than planned and ensured that the remedial work was carried out promptly.
 As members of Sheffield’s Licensing Committee ensured that premises such as the one in Crookes recently lose their licence if they sell to underage customers or sell illicit alcohol.
 Participated in local litter picks, voluntary work on the Bolehills and food collections for a Food Bank. 
 Kept a close eye on local planning applications and made representations where developments have been undesirable.
 Lobbied the Post Office to seek reassurances that there is a long term commitment to providing post office services in Crookes
Responded to over 800 local issues raised by local people and either managed to bring about improvements or explained why this has not been possible. Examples include housing problems, Council Tax disputes, problems with neighbours, environmental health issues, school admissions, pot holes, road safety, litter, parking, To Let signs, and dog muck.
Taken part in city wide and national campaigns such as fair funding for Sheffield, a properly funded and publicly run NHS, and support of the junior hospital doctors

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