Bolehills Special Update

Supporting Friends of the Bolehills

Friends of Bolehills bulb planting team

Friends of the Bolehills is an independent community group which works to improve this much loved local park. In their August 2016 newsletter, Craig and Anne put out an appeal for new members and new volunteers to help revitalise this group.
"We also ran a 'Friends of' stall at the Bole Hills festival in August," explained Craig, "and everyone who expressed interest at the festival or from the newsletter was invited to a meeting. People were keen to get lots of volunteers out for the autumn bulb planting day, so we organised a planning meeting in the pub!"
The 'Friends of' group now aims to plan an Annual General Meeting which will appoint a committee so that the group can re-establish its insurance cover and get fully back into working order.

Fence Rumours Cause Controversy

In the Autumn, some residents were dismayed to receive a political leaflet asking if they were 'worried' about 'plans' to erect a fence on the Bole Hills. This followed moves by community sports team Hallamshire Rugby Club deciding to hire the pitch on the top field for its matches:

"Lots of the team are local to Crookes, and they have a real passion for the community. One of their ideas was that, in a few years, they could potentially start kids rugby activities," explained Craig Gamble Pugh. But when team members mentioned the idea of cordoning off the pitch so kids activities could be done safely, the rumour mill quickly got out of hand.

"If there was ever a proposal to physically change access in a park, we'd go through a major consultation over it. The rugby club aren't proposing any such thing: if in the future they want to, we'll consult." concluded Craig.

Amazing turn out for community bulb planting day

Crookes & Crosspool councillor Craig Gamble Pugh and Walkley councillor Olivia Blake joined Council rangers James and Andy and volunteers from the Crookes Forum, the Friends Of The Bolehills and the 79th Sheffield Scout troop as well as volunteers from Crookes & Crosspool Labour Party to work on tidying up Bolehills Park. The children planted lots of bulbs. The rose bed next to the Multi Use Games Area was weeded and pruned back.
Craig, Olivia, and fellow Labour councillors for Crookes & Crosspool and Walkley (Anne Murphy, Ben Curran, Neale Gibson) have begun a consultation process on the Bole Hills. An initial meeting of stakeholders was held in December, and ideas put forward by various groups and organisations will be put to further consultation early in 2017.

Photo: Labour Councillors Craig Gamble Pugh (Crookes and Crosspool) and Olivia Blake (Walkley) at community gardening and bulb planting event on the Bolehills

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