Campaigning Against School Cuts


Parents gave a friendly welcome to local members as they handed out leaflets at the gates of Holt House Infants and Carterknowle Junior School.
The leaflets detailed how the next round of cuts were going to eat into the budgets of these two schools which, while they fall into Ecclesall Ward for local elections, are in Sheffield Central Constituency for general elections.
Most parents, who were also braving the pouring rain, took the leaflets with a cheerful smile and a 'thankyou'. Several stopped for a chat. One parent was a school governor with a particular interest in special schools and mentioned the terrible impact of cuts to these schools.
The detail of how each school will be affected by cuts is available on the NUT website. This is how much Holt House and Carterknowle will lose:
Carterknowle by 2022 -£97 795, equivalent to 3 teachers
Holt House by 2022 -£81 734, equivalent to 2 teachers