Councillor Craig Spearheads "Green City"

This time last year, local Crookes and  Crosspool Councillor Craig Gamble  Pugh was asked to create a strategy  to make Sheffield a 'Green City'. 

The plan was approved in March 2018. 

“ I'm in the Labour party because I want  social justice: a society which works for  everyone,' says Craig. “I don’t believe we can achieve social justice without also achieving environmental justice”

'' I know people in Crookes and  Crosspool care passionately about the  environment, and I have set out a series of priorities for  Sheffield which I think will really excite  people: more green energy, cleaner air,  becoming carbon-free by 2050.” 

Local people are being urged to support Craig’s work by re-electing him in May: 

Image: Craig Gamble Pugh has been the lead Councillor developing 'Green City', a strategy which aims to eliminate carbon fuel by 2050

“In Crookes and Crosspool, council elections are  a two horse race between Labour and Lib Dems. I know that many of my constituents appreciate having a councilor committed to both people and planet, social and enviromental justice, so I’m asking them to consider voting to re-elect me in May’s elections, so I can continue this beneficial work on environmental policy”.