Councillors and Community 'Devastated' by Bolehills Pavillion Fire

Crookes Councillors Craig and Anne, alongside Walkley Councillors, have pledged to do all they can to help the community after the devastating fire in the early hours of Friday morning. The Bolehills Pavillion was engulfed in flames and firefighters had to spend nearly two hours dealing with the blaze.

Labour’s Crookes ward Councillors Craig Gamble-Pugh and Anne Murphy know the park well and have made several site visits in the aftermath of the blaze (pictured).

Councillor Gamble-Pugh: “It is just shocking. The Pavilion is completely burnt out. It is not just the use of the building that has been lost, but it is the memories too. Much was destroyed in the fire, including trophies won by the Bowling team, that can't be replaced.

“Anne and I will do everything we can to support local residents recover from this blow. After more details are known, it is essential that local residents are consulted and that together we decide what happens next. In the meantime we will be working hard to ensure that temporary accommodation is found for all of the groups who used and relied on the Pavilion”.

 The blaze is being treated as an arson attack and anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101. 

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Photo: Crookes Labour Councillors Craig Gamble Pugh and Anne Murphy survey the devastation with council staff

The Pavilion, near Northfield Avenue, has sustained substantial damage and Sheffield City Council is looking at whether the Pavilion can be salvaged given the devastation inflicted.

Councillor Neale Gibson (Walkley) has stated that he was “devastated”. In his full statement Councillor Gibson said  “I am angry to see such a community asset so cruelly taken away. The Pavilion was really well used by people from all over. I know that a lot of Walkley residents regularly went there and the Pavilion was used daily by bowlers and croquet players in season.

“I have already been in close contact with officers at Sheffield City Council and an evaluation is underway as to whether the remains of the Pavilion constitutes a dangerous structure, which would sadly mean the building would need to be demolished, or whether it can be renovated. We have to let the council and the insurers evaluate the situation, after which I will work with all user groups to ensure the best way forward”.