Councillors' Defribilator Grant Could Save Lives

A grant from local Councillors has enabled Crosspool Forum to purchase and install a new defibrillator for emergency use in the community.

The defibrillator has been installed on the exterior wall of St Columba's Church on Manchester Road S10 5PL. The Forum applied to the local 'Ward Pot' fund held by local councilors, and used the grant alongside cash from a local donor to provide this community facility.

Councillor Craig Gamble Pugh said "These publicly-accessible emergency defibrillators have been proven to save lives. No Training is needed to used them, members of the public can ring 999, give the location code, and are then talked through how to open and use the device while on the phone. We are grateful to Crosspool Forum for taking this initiative."

Crosspool Forum said "Defibrillators have been shown to save lives around the country and we hope that this will be a valuable asset to the community."

For information on how to apply for community grants from the Ward Pot fund, read on...#


Photo: Community defibrillator in Crosspool could save lives, according to local Labour Councillor Craig Gamble Pugh

Crookes and Crosspool has a relatively small Ward Pot fund, and decisions about the community projects to be supported are made by local councilors including Labour's Craig Gamble Pugh and Anne Murphy.

For information about applying for a Ward Pot grant, contact Craig via email on