Crookes Councillor hits out at Trump 'Bigotry'

Sheffield Labour Councillors were out in force at the anti-Trump protest outside the Town Hall, inluding Crookes Councillor Craig Gamble Pugh.

"It is heartbreaking to be living through a time when the supposed leader of the free world feels it is acceptable to ban millions and millions of people from travelling purely on the basis of their faith," said Craig. "I made my first speech as a councillor in May last year in response to the rise in hare crime following the referendum, and I am furious that we now have another political act fanning the flames of hatred."

"I was proud to be there on mass, with almost every Labour Councillor, and thousands upon thousands of Sheffield citizens, all united in our condemnation of this bigoted act, which is more reminiscent of the 1930's than anything we'd expect in the 21st century."


Picture: Rally against Trump's ban on muslim travel, attended by Cllr Craig Gamble Pugh and Sheffield's other Labour Councillors

And Craig has pledged to campaign in Crookes and from within the Town Hall: "Crookes, like Sheffield as a whole, is somewhere where everyone is welcome, where we respect one another and do not persecute people for their faith or differences. That's part of the Labour values which inspired me to get involved and become a Councillor."

Are you worried about the rise of hate crime? Do you want to help Labour campaign against racism? Or have you, your friends or family been affected, and need support, advice or representation from Craig as your local Councillor?

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