Councillors take to the streets for roving surgery

A new form of roving 'Street Surgeries' are being pioneered by Crookes councillors Craig Gamble Pugh and Anne Murphy, as part of efforts to reach out and understand local concerns.

"We want people to be able to bring issues and problems to our attention, and be as accessible as possible," said Craig, "so we will be out and about on the streets of Crookes and Crosspool listening to and helping local people." At a recent event, Craig was joined by local campaigners, knocked on several hundred doors and spoke to dozens of constituents.

"In a couple of hours, we picked up over 10 specific issues which we were then able to follow up for people, from problems with wheelie bins, questions about cycle routes, questions about housing and more." said Cllr Anne Murphy.

 Craig Gamble Pugh with local campaigners Lee, Helen, Freya, Dom, Ella, Lucy and Jack_(500x281).jpg

Photo: Councillor Craig Gamble Pugh with local campaigners Lee, Helen, Freya, Dom, Ella, Lucy and Jack 

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PLOUGH SAVED: Councillors work 'vitally important' say campaigners

Local campaigners have succeeded in their long running campaign to save the Plough pub- and have thanked local Labour councillors for their work in making this happen.

The decision was taken at the council's planning meeting on 10th January, where Crookes and Crosspool Labour Councillor Craig Gamble Pugh spoke against the application to turn the registered Community Asset into a convenience store.

Local resident Peter Duff, who lead the community campaign, recognised the role that Craig and fellow labour councillor Anne Murphy played: "We really appreciate the support that Anne and Craig gave to our campaign to save the Plough. They did a lot of the unseen work that local Councillors don’t always get credit for but which is vitally important."

Addressing the planning board, Craig explained the importance the campaign has had for local people. "Anne and I have worked tirelessly alongside the Save the Plough campaign group. On street stalls, collecting signatures on petitions, knocking on doors, we heard and saw first hand how strongly the community objected to this application."

Crooked Labour Councillor Craig Gamble Pugh celebrates with local campaigners

Picture: Crookes Labour Councillor Craig Gamble Pugh celebrates the formal decision to save the Plough with local campaigners and residents at Sheffield Town Hall

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PLOUGH- Crookes Councillor's Full Speech

"Speaking out in the Town Hall is one way councillors represent local people, and achieve change," says labour's Crookes and Crosspool Councillor Craig Gamble Pugh. Following the recent success of the Save the Plough campaign, you can read Cllr Gamble Pugh's full speech to the planning board here:

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Defend Our NHS campaign in Crookes

Crookes councillors and local Labour Party campaigners have continued their fight to defend the NHS. Following a National Day of Action in November, campaigners took to the streets of Crookes again in January. 

"People in Crookes were passionate about adding their voices to the campaign against attacks and cuts on the NHS," said Crookes Councillor Craig Gamble Pugh. "Many people here work for the NHS or other public services, most others have depended on the NHS at some time."


Photo: Crookes Labour Councillors Craig Gamble Pugh and Anne Murphy with other local campaigners, campaiging to defend the NHS

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Crookes Councillor hits out at Trump 'Bigotry'

Sheffield Labour Councillors were out in force at the anti-Trump protest outside the Town Hall, inluding Crookes Councillor Craig Gamble Pugh.

"It is heartbreaking to be living through a time when the supposed leader of the free world feels it is acceptable to ban millions and millions of people from travelling purely on the basis of their faith," said Craig. "I made my first speech as a councillor in May last year in response to the rise in hare crime following the referendum, and I am furious that we now have another political act fanning the flames of hatred."

"I was proud to be there on mass, with almost every Labour Councillor, and thousands upon thousands of Sheffield citizens, all united in our condemnation of this bigoted act, which is more reminiscent of the 1930's than anything we'd expect in the 21st century."


Picture: Rally against Trump's ban on muslim travel, attended by Cllr Craig Gamble Pugh and Sheffield's other Labour Councillors

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Traffic Action Group Proposed by Councillors

Crookes and Crosspool's Labour Councillors Craig Gamble Pugh and Anne Murphy have continued to work on traffic concerns raised by residents, and are hoping to bring together residents in an Action Group.

"I have been asking when the roll out of 20mph speed limits will arrive in the rest of the area. We have also been asking for small changes to parking restrictions to alleviate the massive parking problems around Claremont Hospital. We have supported two resident's petitions to Full Council requesting action around the crossings in Crosspool," said Craig.


Photo: Labour Councillors Craig Gamble Pugh and Anne Murphy lobbying cabinet member for transport Mazher Iqbal in Sheffield Town Hall.

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SAVED- much loved community group saved thanks to Crookes Councillors

Labour Councillors in Crookes have spoken about their successful campaign to save local community group

Earlier this year, Councillors Craig Gamble Pugh and Anne Murphy pledged to support the local Crookes Tenants and Residents Association (TARA), after the current cohort of dedicated volunteers expressed worries they would struggle to keep things running alone. Following months of work by councillors, a new group of volunteers has come forward.

"TARAs play a really important part in community life. We are extremely pleased that we have managed to encourage enough new volunteers to continue the group," said Craig

Photo: Labour Councillors Craig Gamble Pugh and Anne Murphy with Crookes TARA volunteers. Several volunteers are no longer able to continue, which left a question mark over the group's future until Craig and Anne stepped in.

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Tidying up the Bolehills

Crookes & Crosspool councillor Craig Gamble Pugh and Walkley councillor Olivia Blake joined Council rangers James and Andy and volunteers from the Crookes Forum, the Friends Of The Bolehills and the 79th Sheffield Scout troop as well as Andrew, Olivia, Dan and Claire from Crookes & Crosspool Labour to work on tidying up Bolehills Park. The children planted lots of bulbs. 

Craig and the other Labour Crookes & Crosspool councillor, Anne Murphy, will be launching a consultation on the best use of the of Bolehills in November.


Thank you to everyone that came, it was a very fun morning.

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Crookes Councillors Craig and Anne back Bolehills arts festival

A new music and arts festival being staged in Crookes will highlight the value of the city’s parks to their local communities.

Crookes and Crosspool Labour Party councillors Anne Murphy and Craig Gamble Pugh are backing the RiteTrax on the Bolehills community festival being staged on Saturday 6 August.

The free one-day event in the park features local bands, art and poetry plus a market for independent traders to showcase their products.

“We’re hoping by working with RiteTrax and having a new community festival we are going to draw in thousands of people who might not have thought of visiting the Bolehills and encourage them to come back and use it in the future,” said Coun Gamble Pugh.”

“Sheffield’s parks are an asset to the city – offering great spaces that can be used for so many events. Across the city the Labour-run council is really committed to protecting parks and green spaces and that’s tough to do because of Government budget cuts, so initiatives like this will encourage more use of parks.”

Coun Murphy added: “The festival is a great way to show what the Bolehills offers the community.

“Lots of local shops will have stalls at the festival which is good for local economy. It’s a chance to showcase Crookes as a fantastic place.”

RiteTrax is a social enterprise which aims to offer sustainable and accessible platforms for artists, independent businesses and entrepreneurs.

Organisers of the Bolehills event Joe Gaughan, Adam Seymour and Michael Thompson are promising a day of music and fun for all ages. They are working with the city council and Crookes Forum.

The trio believe they have the mix right with a music line-up including the Fentonville Street Band, Emily J plus DJs.

“It’s a bit of everything, we are trying to present every medium of creativity that you can think of,” said Joe Gaughan.

“Whether that’s spoken word, acoustic music, electric, pop bands to businesses that are sole traders and would normally not have an opportunity to sell their work at a festival because of the cost. It gives people a chance to share their creativity.”

A full update on festival line up is on the RiteTrax facebook page and their website. Supporters can also help crowdfund the festival at

Michael Thompson added: “This is for everyone, every age – one of our acts is an elderly gentleman who usually plays piano on the (Sheffield) Railway Station. We have built a band around him and he’ll be playing at the Bolehills.

“It’s a festival for the community. There’s lots of different things, arts stalls, charity stalls and children’s entertainment, art workshops – something for everyone.”

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Sandygate Parking Action


Crookes and Crosspool Labour councilors Anne Murphy and Craig Gamble Pugh are supporting the residents in a long-running parking row.
Residents in the Sandygate Park area of Crosspool say they have been let down by a private hospital over assurances to end disruptive parking by staff near their homes.
Narrow residential roads are daily used as a car park by staff from the nearby Claremont Hospital.
Angry residents say they have had enough and want action by the police and the city council to end the long-running row, which is blighting their lives. They have sought help from Anne and Craig who have held meeting with the residents.

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