Labour team spearhead Crosspool road safety campaign

The Labour Team in Crookes and Crosspool say their campaign for safer speed limits on Manchester Road is building. The initiative, taken in response to concerns raised by local residents, has been lead by candidates Cllr Anne Murphy, Rosemary Telfer and Craig Gamble Pugh alongside Cllr Geoff Smith and local party activists.


"We support this because it is a residential area. And we believe it would be safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers/ passengers and that it would have no discernible impact on the overall time of car journeys through Crosspool and into the city," commented Cllr Anne Murphy, who is seeking re-election in May.

The Labour party recognise that the Council has many requests for traffic measures and that the cuts it has faced over the past five years, and the ones yet to come, mean that it can only undertake a limited number each year.

"But we hope that the level of support shown by local people should show influence council officers to accept in principle a reduction in the speed limit and ensure that it is considered seriously for early implementation," added local candidate Craig Gamble Pugh.

And fellow candidate Rosemary Telfer urged supporters to sign the online petition: "It's a busy residential road, there's a risk to children from schools in the area, and the more people sign the petition the more we chance we have of securing the resources for Crosspool."

The petition can be found here.