Crosspool Speed Limit Campaign

Petition for 30mph Limit on Manchester Road, Crosspool

Local residents have been in contact with local Labour Councillors and Labour Council Candidates, and expressed their views at the Crosspool Forum, that the whole of the Manchester Road in Crosspool should have a speed limit of 30mph rather than the current 40mph.

We support this because it is a residential area. And we believe it would be safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers/ passengers and that it would have no discernible impact on the overall time of car journeys through Crosspool and into the city.

We recognise that the Council has many requests for traffic measures and that the cuts it has faced over the past five years, and the ones yet to come, mean that it can only undertake a limited number each year. However, it should accept in principle a reduction in the speed limit and ensure that it is considered seriously for early implementation.

Crookes and Crosspool Labour Party

We the undersigned support the proposal for a 30mph speed limit on Manchester Road in Crosspool and urge the Council to make implementation a priority.

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