Doorknocking Marathon Reaches Halfway Mark

A local councillor is celebrating reaching the halfway point in a mission to call on every household in his ward.

Crookes and Crosspool Councillor Craig Gamble Pugh has chalked up individual conversations with 50% of residents on their doorsteps, and that figure is increasing by the day- and he has pledged to keep going until he's reached all 15,000 constituents.

“I love knocking on doors and saying 'Hi, I'm your local councillor, is there anything you want to tell me''' explains Craig.  ''I started running traditional Councillor's surgeries, where I sat in a local venue at an advertised time, but no-one came. Now I do street surgeries, with a stall so I can speak to people in the street, and roving surgeries where I go door to door.

Image: Councillor Craig Gamble Pugh doesn't wait for people to come to him, he goes direct to the people, on his doorknocking marathon.

I engage with people on internet forums and social media, do surveys, the list goes on''

''I get help from a great team of local volunteers, and we've had great discussions on issues from local transport and roads to effects of Tory cuts and Brexit.''

“It’s something I do all year round, it really is the best way for me to keep tabs on what the local issues are, and how best I can help.''