Introducing 2018 Ecclesall candidate - Phil Wymer

Phil Wymer 2018 candidate for Ecclesall
Phil Wymer - a long-time resident of Ecclesall - has ambitions for the ward and city grounded in traditional Labour principles of social justice and fairness. If elected as a councillor, Phil pledges to:-

~ support local business, help new start-ups, and encourage people to 'buy local'.
"Local businesses make a vital contribution to the city's economy, pay their fair share of taxes, and employ local people," says Phil.

~ work to find a home for the three local grassroots football teams: Ecclesall Rangers, Porter FC, and Millhouses Juniors, and to campaign for improved access to open spaces.

~ continue to campaign to save the Minor Injuries Unit and Walk-In Centre, and fight against further privatisation of our health service.

~ campaign for cleaner streets and air, promoting healthier travel options and clean energy, and working towards re-regulation of our bus services to encourage less car use.

Phil's personal interests and skills include amateur football and education - he has taught for many years at Sheffield College, working with disadvantaged students.

Phil links his campaign and political vision with Labour's national campaign to win the next General Election and form a government that will truly serve the many. Electing a Labour councillor for Ecclesall is a step along the way to fairer leadership for the whole nation.


for Ecclesall and for the many


'Care for our NHS' Street Stall Saturday 16th Sept


Last Saturday we were joined by our MP Jared O'Mara for our street stall and canvassing at Bannercross. Our campaign theme was 'Care for the NHS'. We had an excellent response from the public and ran out of petitions supporting the cause! Members also canvassed nearby streets to speak to residents about local and national issues.


Ecclesall Members to represent Hallam CLP

Ecclesall Branch members Ruth Milsom and Suzie Murray will represent Hallam Constituency Labour Party at the upcoming National Conference of the party. Along with Dawn Teare and Chris Batchelor from Crookes and Crosspool branch they will be attending the 4 day event which takes place Sunday September 24th - Wed 27th in Brighton. Ruth, Suzie and Dawn will also attend the national Labour Womens Conference on Saturday.


Ecclesall Labour at Pride

This afternoon members from Ecclesall and other branches attended the Pride festival in Endcliffe Park. We collected signatures opposing the deal between the Tories and the DUP. Our 'Never Kissed a Tory' sticker went down a storm.Pride_event_29th_July.jpgsticker.PNG


Campaigning in Bents Green

Ecclesall members were out in the sunshine leafleting homes in the Bents Green area this evening (Sunday 16th July). This is the first session of our our whole-Ward leaflet. We are thanking voters for their support during the campaign and asking them to share their opinions and questions with us. We are keen that voters are aware of Jared's record and passion for supporting disabled people. We also invite all our supporters to join the Party and restate some of the key ideas that we fighting for.16th_July.jpgOur_Leaflet.PNG


Campaigning Against School Cuts


Parents gave a friendly welcome to local members as they handed out leaflets at the gates of Holt House Infants and Carterknowle Junior School.
The leaflets detailed how the next round of cuts were going to eat into the budgets of these two schools which, while they fall into Ecclesall Ward for local elections, are in Sheffield Central Constituency for general elections.
Most parents, who were also braving the pouring rain, took the leaflets with a cheerful smile and a 'thankyou'. Several stopped for a chat. One parent was a school governor with a particular interest in special schools and mentioned the terrible impact of cuts to these schools.
The detail of how each school will be affected by cuts is available on the NUT website. This is how much Holt House and Carterknowle will lose:
Carterknowle by 2022 -£97 795, equivalent to 3 teachers
Holt House by 2022 -£81 734, equivalent to 2 teachers


General Election Report

First Labour victory inspired by socialism

Many new, renewed and long-standing members turned out in droves to work for our first Labour victory in Sheffield Hallam, largely inspired by the extraordinary resurrection of socialism in the Labour Party which saw Jeremy Corbyn elected as leader.

We started work straight away after the election was called, building on the campaigning groundwork historically undertaken by our branch all year round. We held street stalls, visited the parks, leafleted the entire ward, erected garden stakes and leafleted parents at our schools’ gates. Most importantly, we knocked on a record number of doors to ask our friends and neighbours to support Labour’s comprehensive and inclusive policies, especially the innovative economic policy developed by shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

More and more members and supporters became involved as the campaign progressed. At first we were without a candidate but, after his selection, Jared O’Mara came to join us for our activities, including a street stall at Millhouses also attended by former deputy leader John Prescott.

Sheffield Hallam became a marginal, in which the Tories didn’t stand a chance, in 2015, when Labour slashed the Lib Dem majority to 2353. Once that message started to get through, and after the manifesto, “For the many not the few”, was published, the mood change was tangible. Increasing numbers of people pledged to support Jared and “vote Labour” posters cropped up everywhere. It helped that, in the last few days of the campaign, the website “My nearest marginal” recognised how close the likely outcome in Sheffield Hallam had become.

We were delighted but not surprised by the result. We believed it to be in the interests of all of us who lived in Ecclesall to vote for Labour. We all need the NHS, we use state schools and the younger generation struggles to get mortgages. None of us wants to see people dependent on food banks or begging and sleeping on the streets and none of us wants to be party to the tragic injustices meted out to the needy and the many who have been left behind during the age of austerity.

We now have a magnificent victory to defend. The branch remains active, welcoming new members, ready for the general election, which can’t come too soon, and preparing for the local council election next year.Prescott_.jpg


Ecclesall council candidates announced

Ecclesall branch Labour Party is pleased to announce the selection of its candidates for the council elections taking place on 5 May 2016.


The candidates are Alison Freeman, Chris Olewicz and Kevan Rushton.

They have wasted no time getting out into the community and talking to local residents about the issues that matter to them.


They say: ‘We are standing to give Ecclesall a voice and will work for a fair deal for the whole of Sheffield. Please get in touch to discuss any issues in your area or to join the campaign’

You can contact the candidates by email here. And you can follow their Facebook page here.



Save Ecclesall Parcel Office

Royal Mail are looking to close the Parcel Collection Office on Ecclesall Road.

Ecclesall Labour Party Members and local residents are campaigning to keep it open.

We understand that staff are to be transferred to the Pond Street site.

We are concerned that this will cause huge inconvenience for local residents. The Ecclesall Road office is very busy as many people use it to collect parcels which couldn’t be delivered to their home because they were out. If Ecclesall Road closes, the nearest alternatives would be at either Pond Street or Woodseats.

Many online companies now use other local businesses for customers to collect deliveries. We are calling on Royal Mail to do the same; this will help to protect their parcel delivery service as well as assisting local residents.

Sign our petition here.