Good Response from Voters

Two of our candidates in Fulwood enjoyed an encouraging first outing in the Ward meeting potential voters.


On a chilly and rainy Saturday they chatted to residents and handed out leaflets, backed by supporters at the Fulwood Village and Lodge Moor shopping areas.

Candidate Hafeas Rehman said: “It was good, people were willing to engage and one of the things I picked up was that once you got talking to people they were ready to bring up the issues that concern them.
“Once they tell us their concerns we can try and help them, that’s what it is all about. We have to be positive and work on the issues that have been raised and build a good support in the area.”
Issues raised included, social care, bus services on a Sunday, education and schools plus litter and dog fouling in the Mayfield Valley.
Candidate Abbas Shah: said: “We were well received by the local constituents, they were welcoming and I think we will have a good crack at the election.
“I was surprised by the support we got from the people we spoke to. Talking to one lady, who said she was a LibDem supporter but she didn’t feel they had a power base any more so she would be supporting Labour. I was happy with that and if we can get a few more of those we will be in with a good shout.”
Hafeas Rehman added: “It’s a big ward and we will have to do a lot of walking which should help me as I’m climbing Ben Nevis for the Weston Park Hospital charity in March with some colleagues and it’ll be good practice.
“We have a wide range of residents here from the elderly to the students with different kind of needs and we have to try and tackle all those.”