Grit and Determination- Councillor pledges to sort out grit drought

Councillor Craig has intervened to get Crookes and Crosspool grit bins re-filled, and has pledged to set up a network of local people to monitor fill levels in future.

On his facebook page, Craig commented "When the Beast from the East hit, the good folks of Crookes and Crosspool set to work clearing the pavements and side roads. People told me many of the grit bins were empty. Ive been on the warpath on this since February. I reported about nine empty bins."

After a few days, Streets Ahead confirmed they have all been refilled. However, in the meantime Craig had been out and about doing spot checks.

On Facebook, he revealed "I knew they had actually, because I've been on the prowl checking them."

Image: Cllr Craig was pleased that following his action, grit bins in Crookes had been re-filled

He also posted a video of himself checking the bins on busy traffic hotspot Cross Lane. See the video below