Manchester Road speed victory spurs councillors on to new Traffic Action Group

Craig and Anne's campaign to reduce the speed limit on a residential stretch of Manchester Road from 40 to 30mph has resulted in success, as council cabinet members and senior officers approved the scheme. "This is incredible news," said Craig, "But there are other local traffic issues, so  we want to set up a new campaign to continue this success."

"We've been backing residents in Sandygate in their campaign to stop their streets being used as carparks by staff at Claremont Hospital, and residents campaigning following a tragic death earlier this year,"continued Anne.

In light of the degree of local concern, Craig and Anne are proposing to set up a new campaign group to ensure that traffic safety improvements continue to be delivered in the area. "I was secretary of a similar group in Broomhall when I lived there years ago," commented Craig. "The approach helped get an entire traffic masterplan for the area, so we hope we can emulate that success here."

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Photo: Crosspool Traffic Safety will  be kept on the agenda following speed reduction victory by new campaign group to be established by Councillors