Save Ecclesall Parcel Office

Royal Mail are looking to close the Parcel Collection Office on Ecclesall Road.

Ecclesall Labour Party Members and local residents are campaigning to keep it open.

We understand that staff are to be transferred to the Pond Street site.

We are concerned that this will cause huge inconvenience for local residents. The Ecclesall Road office is very busy as many people use it to collect parcels which couldn’t be delivered to their home because they were out. If Ecclesall Road closes, the nearest alternatives would be at either Pond Street or Woodseats.

Many online companies now use other local businesses for customers to collect deliveries. We are calling on Royal Mail to do the same; this will help to protect their parcel delivery service as well as assisting local residents.

LETTER TO: Royal Mail
Save Ecclesall Parcel Office!

We, the undersigned, wish to express our concern at the proposal by Royal Mail to close the South-West delivery office on Ecclesall Road, and request that, should the closure go ahead, suitable arrangements are made for local residents to collect parcels from an alternative site in the Ecclesall area.
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