Pledge your vote

Will you vote for Labour's Craig, Rosemary and Anne in Crookes and Crosspool? If you are a voter in the Crookes and Crosspool ward, you can now tell us online whether you're for, against or unsure.

Labour has 2 Councillors in Crookes and Crosspool, who have worked hard to fight for a fairer deal for people in the ward, and across the city.

In the 2016 council elections on May 5th, voters have the chance to elect 3 councillors, and we are asking for your three votes to send our Labour team to the Town Hall.

Your 3 votes will really count, as voting is always close in Crookes and Crosspool between Labour and the Liberal Dems. 

We will be adding more information about our 3 candidates Anne, Craig and Rosemary to our webpage: we will work hard to support you, please let us know if you will be supporting us on May 5th.

(Pictured above, l-r, our three candidates in the May 5th election, Cllr Anne Murphy, Craig Gamble Pugh, Rosemary Telfer)


2,500 votes
Yes I will be voting for Labour's Anne, Craig and Rosemary.
I might vote for Labour's Anne, Craig and Rosemary, tell me more.
No I will not be voting for Labour's Anne, Craig and Rosemary.