Pledge your vote for Craig Gamble Pugh

Will you vote to re-elect hard working Councillor Craig Gamble Pugh in Crookes and Crosspool? If you are a voter in the Crookes and Crosspool ward, you can now tell us online whether you're for, against or unsure.

Craig has been your local councillor since May 2016, and has worked hard to fight for a fairer deal for people in the ward, and across the city. He has gaiend a reputation for providing a local voice, independent thinking, and solid Labour values.

Your vote will really count, as voting is always close in Crookes and Crosspool between Labour and the Liberal Dems. Craig understands that local people care about green issues, and is the council's lead on developing a new Green City Strategy for the council. The voting figures tell us that a vote for the Greens is likely to result in a lib dem councillor.

Craig works hard to support you, please let us know if you will be supporting him on May 3rd.


2,500 votes
Yes I will be voting to re-elect Cllr Craig Gamble Pugh.
I might vote to re-elect Cllr Craig Gamble Pugh, tell me more.
No I will not be voting to re-elect Cllr Craig Gamble Pugh.