Putting the Record Straight

Labour candidates in Fulwood are putting the record straight about who is to blame for the cuts to local council services.

Hafeas Rehman, Lizzie Ellen and Abbas Shah have a strong message as they go campaigning door-to-door in the lead up to the city council election on Thursday 5 May.
They will make plain that the Liberal Democrats can’t hide behind the actions of the Tory Government.
The issue is highlighted in a new leaflet being distributed to residents by the candidates and supporters.
The message is clear: “Responsibility rests firmly with the current Conservative government and their Liberal Democrat partners in the previous coalition.
“The Liberal Democrats have been no friends of this city. They were jointly responsible for eye-watering cuts amounting to £300 million a year in Sheffield City Council’s budget.”
Meanwhile our MP, Nick Clegg, has done little to stand up for our city.
It’s been left to Sheffield’s Labour-run council to fight to protect, and in some cases, improve services in the face of the cuts.
The message is clear, a vote for Labour on 5 May is a vote to protect the services which knit our community together.
If you want to help Hafeas Rehman, Lizzie Ellen and Abbas Shah put Labour’s case and give Fulwood residents an effective voice contact: