Traffic Action Group Proposed by Councillors

Crookes and Crosspool's Labour Councillors Craig Gamble Pugh and Anne Murphy have continued to work on traffic concerns raised by residents, and are hoping to bring together residents in an Action Group.

"I have been asking when the roll out of 20mph speed limits will arrive in the rest of the area. We have also been asking for small changes to parking restrictions to alleviate the massive parking problems around Claremont Hospital. We have supported two resident's petitions to Full Council requesting action around the crossings in Crosspool," said Craig.


Photo: Labour Councillors Craig Gamble Pugh and Anne Murphy lobbying cabinet member for transport Mazher Iqbal in Sheffield Town Hall.

"We've been bending the ear of our colleagues in the Cabinet: we know that cash is short to nonexistent but we need to make sure that there is an understanding of the issues and we will continue to fight to get these up the list of priorities" 

We won't give in until we see more action!

It is hoped that a Community Traffic Action group can be formed to bring additional pressure to bear. To get involved, email Councillor Craig Gamble Pugh