What next after the General Election?


The General Election 2015 was a significant milestone for Sheffield Hallam Labour Party.

We ran a fantastic campaign, reducing the Lib Dem's majority by a staggering 12,931 votes. This was a 19.7% swing to Labour - going right against the national picture.

Much of this was down to the incredible work put in by our candidate, Oliver Coppard. He held the then Deputy Prime Minister, to account, forcing him to campaign in the constituency and asking difficult questions about what he has actually done for the people of Sheffield Hallam - and for the people of the United Kingdom, given all that the Lib Dems colluded with during their coalition with the Conservative Party.


We are extremely grateful to Oliver for all his hard work. He has re-energised our party and attracted volunteers from across the country. Added to the huge influx of new members since the General Election, Sheffield Hallam Labour Party is now in a strong position to win this seat next time. We only have a 2,353 majority to overturn!

We are also putting our efforts into the council elections which happen in May 2016. All council seats are up for grabs, so it's important that we run high-profile campaigns in every ward, listening to local people about the concerns that really matter to them.

If you want to join, you would be extremely welcome. We meet regularly, both socially and for campaigning. All contributions are welcome. Find out more on our 'Get involved' page.