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We call on Nick Clegg to release his location on crucial votes in the House of Commons after missing 85.5% of votes since May. 

As recently reported in the Telegraph, Sheffield Hallam’s Member of Parliament Nick Clegg, ex-deputy Prime Minister and ex-Leader of the Liberal Democrats has only managed to cast his vote in the House of Commons 14.7% of the time. While he managed to attend the chamber to vote in favour of military intervention in Syria, he has missed key votes on Devolution for Sheffield, European Union referendum legislation, Trade Union reforms and an opposition day on the crisis in the steel industry, which has a particular historical resonance in Sheffield, the City of Steel.

This abdication of responsibility both insults the 40% of the electorate who voted for him the 2015 general election and leaves a bitter feeling in the mouth of the thousands of people who voted for a different voice for Sheffield Hallam.

Nick Clegg has responded to these allegations by saying that he has been dealing with matters of constituency interest instead of the voting, but other reports indicate that Nick Clegg is making speeches in other countries for sums of £40,000 a time, with no relevance to his parliamentary or constituency duties.

We are calling on Nick Clegg to make his diary public on all the days that he has missed voting in the chamber, but especially on the 7th September, 28th October, 10th November and 17th November which are the dates of the votes mentioned above.

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